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My name is Picasso and I’m a Havanese.  That’s a kind of dog in case you didn’t know.  A lot of you have never heard of Havanese dogs so I’ll tell you a bit about us little guys.  We are kinda small but that’s what makes us so special.  Most of us don’t act small; we just don’t take up a lot of space – except in our people’s hearts!  We are long haired dogs and require a lot of grooming.  I hate being groomed so I fight with mom every time she tries to groom me.  It’s the only time we fight.  As soon as she stops grooming me I stop fighting since I finally won!  Havanese were often used as circus dogs because we are so smart and like to keep our people entertained!  I’m smarter than mom but I really try to let her think she’s the smarter one…but she’s not!

The breed’s name comes from the fact that we originated in Cuba and were the national dog there.  “Havanese” comes from their capital city, Havana.  I personally didn’t come from Cuba; I was born in Georgia.  Mom first met me at the Orlando, Florida airport and took me home to Costa Rica where we lived for almost two years.  Later mom and I moved to Florida until mom got the bright idea to move into an RV so we could see the world!  Currently we are living in that RV full time and we are now hanging out in the North Carolina mountains for a while.

Well that’s kinda it about me in the moment.  Hopefully you will read my blog and take some time to tell me a bit about yourself in the comments or tell me how great I am!



Best blog ever!!!


CEO , Picasso's Perspective

Picasso told me his is the best blog ever and I believe him!  Read it!

Tommy Tortoise

House Mover, Tortie, Inc.

I’ve done a lot of work for Picasso when he lived in Florida and he always paid his bills on time!

Arnie the Armadillo

Pest Control, Armie Pest Control

visiting grandma

It has been a really, really long time since mom has let me write. I want to tell you all about the things we’ve been doing since the last time I wrote for you but before I do I have something that I want to write about that is much more important to me. Now that mom...

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the cray cray life with my mom!

  Okay, so I love my mom, right?  But what's up with her not letting me get to the computer recently?  Did you see how long it has been since the last time I got to write?   In her defense, things have been a bit cray cray here.  She keeps moving things all...

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What I Did for My Birthday!

  I wrote this blog right after my birthday last month (5/26/2014) but mom wasn't able to help me post this until today.  Sorry it took so long!   We got a late start on the day since mom has suddenly learned how to sleep really...

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Today’s My 4th Birthday!

  Mom tells me that today, May 26th, is a really special day cause it’s my 4th birthday!  Woohoo!  Happy birthday to me!  So I thought you might be interested in finding out just how mom decided she needed to bring me into her life. ...

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Help! I’m Starving!

Moms are supposed to take care of their pups, right?  Seems I still need to get this one a little more training!.  I’ve taken her to class but sometimes she reverts back to her bad ways.  Let me tell you the latest.   I ran out of food...

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speaking of being little…

Like I’ve said before, I’m a rather little guy, just 10.5 pound Havanese.  Sometimes people think little dogs are just like big dogs, only smaller!  Yeah, well I guess that’s true in some ways but we’re also really different.  We tend to be companion dogs...

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