the end of a journey

Sometimes the journey has a way of changing directions that are unexpected and one does not usually have the opportunity to plan for those changed directions.  Such has been the case for me.  As you know the time I spent in an RV with a dog and a camera came to a end a year ago this month.

These four images are all of the same flower using different techniques. I did them all inside where I could complete them without dying from heat exhaustion!

My life has become very different from what it had been and I really wasn’t prepared for all those changes.  I planned on staying in the North Carolina mountains for a few years and never dreamed of moving back to Tucson even though I’ve loved the desert.  Yet here I am in Tucson having done a full circle (Tucson to Costa Rica to Florida to North Carolina to Tucson).  My expectation was that driving around the country in an RV would afford me the opportunity to find my “place” in this great country of ours and move there permanently; that didn’t happen.  But I’ve been blessed with some great friends who were willing to step up and help me in all sorts of ways, some most unexpectedly, most beyond the call of duty.   

Picasso and I are doing well enough in our Tucson apartment.  While life is certainly different here compared to North Carolina, we have adjusted.  There have been times when the heat in Tucson has been unbearable (three days straight of 117 degrees!) and I find myself looking at the photos I took of winter in North Carolina to cool down.  It helps!  Picasso, who hated the heat in Florida, seems to be managing much better here.  Evidently it’s the humidity that does him in even more than the heat.  When we go for a walk I allow him to lead us for the most part so he can decide how much of a walk he can handle and where he wants to go.  He knows all the paths that keep him off the blacktop and how to find and stay in the shade.  

I’m not sure how this new life with this new normal would have been for me without Picasso.  Dogs are truly amazing creatures.  He does a great job of taking care of me, even making sure I get some exercise every day as he walks me!  He has been my very special buddy during this time never once complaining about those days when I clearly can not give him the attention he deserves.  

It is now time for me to end this blog.  As you probably have noticed I’ve not done much writing since the accident.  My photography has likewise become more limited although easier to accomplish than writing.  Between the heat and my limited driving I have found my motivation for photography to be lacking.  Hopefully that will change once it gets a little less inferno-like outside!  (As I write this on the 11th of September it is 105 degrees!).

Thank you for being with me on my journey and sharing in my dreams.  It was so nice for me to have you with me as I searched for and found my RV, moved into it and finally got on the road.  Your encouragement was wonderful!  It was a time of excitement as I set forth to follow my dream and succeeded.  It taught me that no dream, no matter how insane others might find it, is impossible.  Whenever I needed help, help seemed to appear.  

The feeling of freedom I felt while challenging myself was amazing to me.  Not just the freedom of doing a road trip but also the freedom I felt when I crashed through those crazy limitations my mind often put in my way.  I learned that if something happens to change the dreams, mourn the loss then move forward to the next dream as soon as possible.  Life is too short to mourn for any length of time.  

It is with great love and gratitude that I now say my farewell to you, my friends, old and new.  Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart!

As a final note, this whole blog will be taken down off the internet in five days as I’m not going to renew the domain name.  So you see, it really is the end!

© 2017 deborah kauffeld

7 responses to “the end of a journey

  1. I have enjoyed your journey and I will miss your postings. Maybe In Time you will feel like getting in touch with us all again. Good luck my Friend…hugs Carol

    • Hi Carol! Even though it has been a year since I stopped this journey it still feels odd saying goodbye to everyone. Hopefully we will be connected again in the future. Blessings to you!

  2. Hi Deborah, I have enjoyed your blog and seeing your great pictures. I hope only the best for you and Picasso. Debra in Knoxville TN

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